Why should I join The Hardyeans Club?

One of the aims of the Hardyeans Club is to help members keep in touch with old friends.


In this day and age of social media, e-mails, mobile phones and so many other ways of maintaining contacts why bother joining a club?  Well, ask yourself a question: What has happened to all those marvellous inventions of only 20 years ago? Who uses a cassette recorder or a floppy disk these days? And equally important, if anyone does still have them, does the technology to make them work still exist?


Also you can’t rely on social media such as Facebook. Go back ten years and social media websites which were active then have now disappeared – along with all the contact information that was on them.


Now fast forward another 20 years. Will you still have the same mobile phone, iPad or laptop computer? And every time you changed them, did you remember to copy all your personal data over? How many of your friends have moved house, changed their e-mail address or phone number? And have they remembered to tell you? Equally, have you told all of them of any changes to your contact details?


So what has this to do with the Hardyeans Club? Well we keep records of all our Members’ contact details, and because we are in touch with them all at least three times a year via e-mail and the newsletter we keep the details up to date. So when your latest piece of electronic wizardry suddenly dies, if you are a member of the Club you have no worries, all your old contacts are only an e-mail away – that is if, like you, they belong to the Hardyeans Club.

So if you think The Hardyeans Club is for you Click here to take the next step.