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The Hardyeans Club Charitable Association


The Hardyeans’ Club Charitable Association was established to provide a positive benefit to the school from a long-standing club (Old Hardyeans and latterly The Hardyeans’ Club) of former students of Hardye’s School, Dorchester (and the other senior schools in Dorchester after amalgamation). The Association was granted Charitable Status in 2000.

Its purpose is to help and encourage the further education of students and former students of the Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester (who are under 25) and who have gained places at university or college but who, due to financial hardship of their families, may be unable to take up their offered places. Individuals apply through the Heads of the Sixth Form who verify the financial circumstances of the families. A selection board of HCCA Trustees interview recommended students and makes awards each April/May which are conditional on educational success and qualifying. Bursaries are paid in August (when successful academic attainment for entry is confirmed) to help pay the inevitable expenses of required books and equipment. Experience has shown that success at being awarded a bursary at this stage of their education encourages students to seek other sponsorships and bursaries. The over-arching criteria for the awards panel when interviewing students, is the financial hardship of the students and their families in taking up their University or College place. An annual letter is asked of the student as to their academic and developmental progress as feed back to the HCCA.

By appeals to former students, trusts and businesses, the Association has raised, and now has, just over £240,000 under charitable fund investment for disbursement. The Association hopes to continue to raise funds to increase the number of bursaries available for award and periodically to keep pace with the value of each bursary given inflationary pressures and the costs of tertiary education. Each student, at present, is given £1,000 at the start of each academic year for the duration of his or her 3 year course. At this moment (2019) ten students are in receipt of bursaries in a variety of full time university and college courses. A new scheme of occasional grants on an ad hoc basis is underway for students or ex-students needing funds towards internships or travel in pursuit of academic benefit which may be considered by the Trustees. The Hardyeans’ Club promotes this as its own charity and welcomes legacies or any other donations which are passed to the Charitable Association for long term investment or shorter term funding of bursaries and grants. Donations to charities such as the HCCA can be offset against tax.

Since 2001, seventy five students have benefitted from a total of over £138,000. At this moment (2024) ten students are in receipt of bursaries in a variety of full time university and college courses. A new scheme of occasional grants on an ad hoc basis is underway for students or ex-students needing funds towards internships or travel in pursuit of academic benefit which may be considered by the Trustees.

Julia Moore Chair of the Hardyeans’ Club Charitable Association September 2022


THE NEED       Mr Nick Rutherford, Headteacher

Hardyeans have always been at the forefront of support for their school and I am deeply grateful to those who have worked so hard to bring this charitable trust to fruition. 

Many of you will be aware from my comments in the Newsletter that the School goes from strength to strength and has developed a reputation in Dorset and further afield which I hope reflects that of its ancestors. 

You will also realise that our students come from many different backgrounds and experiences. The school has two crucial responsibilities to them: 

It is inevitable that both these responsibilities carry significant financial consequences both for parents and the school. 

The Thomas Hardye School is committed to equality of experience, through allowing every student the chance to be involved in the opportunities we provide and attending the University or College which best mirrors their aspirations and abilities. 

It is unfortunate that with the present financial constraints we cannot always fulfill our commitment and some students either have fewer opportunities within school or perhaps even more importantly are unable to attend the Higher Education institution that their abilities merit. 

It is a source of great regret to me that those students are often the most deserving and 'first generation' participants in Higher Education. I know that many of you reading this who were successful in later life were from this very kind of background. 

I hope you will feel able to support these young people, many of whom will go forward, as did you, to make their mark in the world. Both they and I are very grateful for any commitment you feel able to make to The Hardyeans' Club Charitable Association.

THE RESPONSE  by Mrs Julia Moore, Chairman, Hardyeans Club Charitable Association

All of us, as Members of the Hardyeans' Club, owe a great debt of gratitude to the Schools that did so much to educate and prepare us for the challenges of our adult lives throughout our formative years. As our appreciation of our Schools has grown with the advancing years, we have been seeking for ways in which we could repay, in part, this great debt by helping the young people who are its students today. As the Head Teacher, Mr Michael Foley, has described so clearly in stating ‘The Need’ above, there are less fortunate students in the School today who are so very deserving of our financial support. 

Please help us to alleviate the financial problems of getting a fine tertiary education for at least a few of our successors who may not be as lucky as we were in days past by donating as generously as possible to the Charitable Association. A Gift Aid donation now and, if possible, a legacy in your Will, has significant tax and financial advantages.



As an approved Charity, our Charitable Association is able to augment your generosity in two substantial ways: 


Gift Aid Donations 

Those who pay Income or Capital Gains Taxes will be able to substantially enhance their donation by completing the Gift Aid Form enclosed, i.e. by 25% in 2013/14.

Legacy in a Will 

Apart from making lifetime donations, one effective way of supporting the Hardyeans Club Charitable Association and helping to finance its work is by bequeathing a legacy by your Will. 

As the Association is an approved charity, any bequest to it will be exempt from the burden of Inheritance Tax. If, therefore, your Estate is liable to Inheritance Tax, the value of that part of the Estate on which the Tax is payable will be reduced by the amount of the bequest. Accordingly, a bequest will not only benefit the Association but reduce your Estate's liability to Inheritance Tax. 

When considering the content of your will it is important to receive professional advice from a solicitor, as the wording can change depending on your financial circumstances and the amount you wish to benefit a charity.

Below is a suggested form of wording to give effect to a bequest of a legacy in your Will. 

 I bequeath to the Hardyeans’ Club Charitable Association of the Thomas Hardye School, Queens Avenue, DORCHESTER, Dorset, Registered No 1082237 the sum of (£.....................) for the general purposes of the said Association and I declare that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer or other authorised official for the time being of the said Association shall be sufficient discharge of this bequest.

 It would be very helpful if the Honorary Treasurer, at the address below, could be notified when you include a bequest in your will.

 The Hon. Treasurer,
Hardyeans’ Club Charitable Association,
The Thomas Hardye School,
Queens Avenue,  DORCHESTER DT1 2ET.


If you would like to make a donation please send a cheque, payable to "The Hardyeans' Club Charitable Association" to:

 The Hon. Treasurer, Hardyeans' Club Charitable Association,
The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester DT1 2ET.


If you would like to set up a Standing Order to make regular payments to the HCCA, please download this Form, complete it and  present it to your Bank. Please inform the Treasurer of your decision.


If you are a UK Tax Payer and would like your payment to qualify for Gift Aid, please download and complete this Form, and e-mail it to the HCCA Treasurer at


Your generosity is greatly appreciated.