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1 - April 1968: The Hungry Wolves (school play).
In make-up dept with Wayne Thomas for my two minutes of action in the school play.

2 - July 1967: Ist XI Cricket.
Some good mates here, and very good cricketers. The square was strange though, with its runaway hillside at one end. Hard work bowling there...
Back row: John Dike, Ross Stephens, DG, Peter Higgins, Stuart Rowe, Andrew Sims Front row: Andy Blagrove, Pete Harris, Andrew Fall, Kevin Chambers, 'Kipper' Dickinson.

3 - April 1968: The Hungry Wolves (school play).
My two minutes of action - with Ross Stephens and Jonathan Bright.

4 - April 1969: 1st X1 Hockey.
We only won two matches all season, one of them against the Old Boys, following the loss of some very good senior players at the end of the previous year. The match against Queens Taunton was always regarded as the benchmark as to how good a Hardyes side was... I remember we lost 10-2. I blame the captain.
Back row: Neil Archer, can't remember, Nigel Bloodworth, John Turner, Bill Mouland, Tim Salter Front row: Stuart Rowe, Andrew Sims, DG, Dave Newnham, John Dike

5 - Wollaston House: April 1964. 1st XI Hockey.
The start of my love affair with the great game of hockey, which continues today. 
Back row (l to r): John Runyard, Mike Hardy (Head Boy of the senior school 1968/69), Mike Holloway, Richard Spry Middle row (l to r): Bernie Bloodworth, DG, Stuart Rowe, Andy Batchelor, Andy Blagrove Front Row: Andrew Fraser, Peter Stapleforth.

6 - Heathcote House: June 1969.
I apologise profusely to almost everyone in the 3rd & 4th years in this photo; so many names now escape me. Please drop me an email if you can help or if you are particularly offended! ( OR Those I think I remember are:
Back row (l to r): Rob Gamble is the big one in the middle, Titus Mercer next to him and Malcolm Stripp two along from him.
Middle row (l to r): Neil Archer, Thomas Hough, Dave Newnham, Owen Davies (?), John Turner, Dave Lidgey, Paul Sharrock, Rob 'Mini' Moakes, Ian Mabberley (?), another blank I'm afraid, and finally Alan Turner.
Front row (l to r): Jonathan 'Woody' Bright, Bill Mouland, DG, Andy Blagrove, Mrs Lythgoe (matron), Hugh Bax, Audrey Bax, Phil Slater, Andrew Sims, Ben Mercer and Rollo Braham.
And the two seated at the front? Sorry chaps, get typing.

Ian Mabberley has added the following:

I can add a few more names and can confirm that the tow ? in the middle row are Owen Davies and me. 
In the back row:   ?? ;  ?Robertson;  Simon Fenning;  ??;  Charles(?) Ogier;  Rob Gamble; Titus Mercer;  ??;  Malcolm Stripp;  ? Osborne;  ??
Middle row next to me is Nigel Gough

7 - Summer 1966? Corps Day/Inspection.
I have no idea why I have this picture. I had nothing to do with Corps Band other than to try and keep in step with them when marching with the RAF section. Hopefully other Old Boys can put some names to the faces. I think the drummer (left) may be Ian White. Any takers?

8 and 9 - Programme for Henry IV Part One, the school play in my final year.
I remember Simon Harries making a particularly convincing Falstaff...especially with a flagon of ale in his hand!

10 - October 1966: 1st XV v Yeovil GS (Away).
Struggling to keep up with 'Kit' Baker and Kevin Chambers as we swamp Yeovil 61-0 (as usual).

11 - December 1967: 3rd XV Rugby.
Unusual for me to make it to a team rugby photo. Despite my height I was for ever breaking one bone or another in the pursuit of victory.
A couple of missing names again here... apologies to the gentlemen concerned.
Back row (l to r): Peter May, Andy Blagrove (who probably didn't play with his glasses on), Pete Hansford, Charlie Griffiths, Richard Henderson, can't remember, Rob Taylor, Nigel Salter Middle row: DG, Bernie Bloodworth, Andy Batchelor, Pete Figgins, can't remember, Rob Greenaway, 'Mags' Marriott Front row: Jim Fall, Ian Litchfield.

12 - Summer 1969: Sports Day.
Losing a close one to Rob Taylor in the 100m with Bill Mouland following us home.
Jack Tipper (right) appears to more interested in a field event. Did anyone else get their nose regularly tweaked by him in Physics lessons? 
And who is the man mountain half hidden by him? Must be a discus thrower.

13 - Heathcote House: November 1968  Football (yes, football) XI. 
Housemaster Hugh Bax hated football, especially when we played it in the back garden of Heathcote and kicked the lawn to bits. So (confession time) when we challenged Southfields to a match one Sunday we hired the local recreation ground (with proper goals and nets) for the occasion. Heathcote played in the red school rugby shirts with white shorts, and we thought we were Manchested United. We played like them too... I have it on record that we won 9-0, hence the happy faces for the official team snap.
Back row: Rollo Braham, Rob Moakes, Rob Gamble, Jon Bright, Alan Turner Front row: Neil Archer, Bill Mouland, Andy Blagrove (big Man Utd fan, he must have chosen the kit) , DG, John Turner Seated front: Goalie Malcolm Stripp

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