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Phillip Mackie's Pictures

Cultybraggen 1975



Early morning in July 1975 - a sight to send a chill up the spine of anyone who went on Annual Camp. The Nissan huts were WWII vintage.


NCOs of the HQ Section in July 1975



From Left to right: Simon Lane, Mike Frost, Chris Ellery, Simon Old, John Burrows, Simon White, Shaun Riches, Stephen Franklin and the clean shaven chap squatting down is me, Philip Mackie.


Germany at Lippestadt in July 1977



The Army section had 10 days with 27 Medium Regiment Royal Artillery, working with M109 self propelled guns. Here we were playing water polo to cool down; the temperatures were hitting 35c by midday and the Regiment was working to tropical hours.


48 Hour Escape and Evasion Exercise



This was my patrol on a 48 escape and evasion exercise, during the 1977 trip to Germany. All I can remember is that Mark Kley is on the left of the shot,
cant remember the name of the next chap, Graham (?) Brooks, ? Davis and the elbow of someone on the edge to the right may have been ? Tebbut.
We seemed to have half of the British Army hunting us at one stage.


6am at Padderborn Ranges



This was no fun at all! We had just finished the 48hour E&E exercise, had 4 hours sleep before being taken off to the gas chambers to be trained in the use of respirators in a CS gas filled chamber. Several people fell ill as they had mistakenly used too much CS gas. Captain MacTavish and  Major Lacey are in the foreground with their backs to the camera.