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Richard Gallop's Pictures

Heathcote House 1960


Back Row:
Mike Kann, A.Pugh, ???, Robin Steele, Vince Dunn, ???, Colin Squibb, ???, Keith Dalziel, Peter Barrett, Julian Oddey

Third Row:
Ian White, ???, Roger Gale, ???, Simon Winchester, ? Bates, ???, ???, �Jumbo� Braunton, ???, ???

Second Row:
???, Godfrey Lee, Ian Birrell, J.O. Roberts, Gwen Roberts, �Bun�, Mr.Richards, Ralph Worthington, ???, Ian John(?)

Front Row:
Harry Dike, Mike Hapgood, Tim Blagrove, Simon Dalziel, ???, Chris Chambers, Richard Gallop, David Stook, Richard Dobson

Heathcote House 1963



Back Row:
Mike Hapgood, Jason Braham, �Sid� Fox, Tim Blagrove, John Mouland, Andrew Fall, Richard Gallop, David Stook, Chris Chambers, Simon Dalziel

Third Row:
Lewis, David Sims, Chris Chambers, Richard Dobson, Braunton, Ian St.John White, Julian Oddey, Harry Dike, Timothy Leach, John Sloper, Mike Kann, Steel(?)

Second Row:
Bates, Keith Warnock, Steven Roberts, Gillian Roberts, Jo Roberts, Gwen Roberts, ?David Sochon, Mrs Harris(?), Fred Stoneham, Keith Dalziel

Front Row:
Richard Spry, Andrew Blagrove, Julian Tudor-Griffith, Derek Gallop, Maclean, Loopy Laing, Frank Dike, Kevin Chambers

The house photo is Heathcote in the summer of 1963.  The Molesworth years are over and I have matured into a respectable member of the house and school. Some familiar faces have disappeared, to become intellectual giants, prominent officers in HM Forces or detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure.  These were times of social unrest and student revolt, and they didn't come much more revolting than this lot. Who says surly teenagers are a modern phenomenon? The photo was taken on the front lawn of the house with the famous "games hut" in the background. This was something of a misnomer, as no games actually took place inside it, but it was the venue for such varied activities as home wine-making (fortunately detected by Jo before we had the chance to go blind), construction of radio-controlled model aircraft (which never actually left the ground under their own power) and the nurturing place of a prominent guitar virtuoso whom modesty, hem-hem, prevents me from naming. The latter was a leading member of a musical ensemble which included Sid Fox, Andrew ("Tell Laura I Love Her") Fall, Jason Braham and others who murdered Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly classics with scant regard for musical structure, tonality, rhythm or the neighbours. Plus ca change! I could (and probably will) write "six sides" (in-joke for old Heathcotians) on everyday life at the house but will spare you that for another time - it is amazing how these old photos bring back memories.


1965 Hockey Second XI



The hockey photo was taken in the spring term of 1965, with "O" Levels looming on the horizon.  I am ashamed to say I have forgotten who most of the team members were, apart from myself (back row, far right), Andrew Fall (back row ,second left) and Mike Hapgood (middle row, far right). I think it was the school second XI, but time can play tricks with the old RAM.  More information would be welcome, together with any contact with contemporaries